Day 11
June 6, 2013
After 4 days in North Africa trip, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan returned to Turkey at late hours of night. Despite Erdoğan stated that he does not want a greeting at the airport, a multitude of AKP branches texted citizens calling for a welcome to Erdoğan at the airport, where municipality provided transportation will be available for those who want to attend. In the meeting crowd chanted slogans "Let us go and crash the Taksim", "We are soldiers of Tayyip", Erdoğan did not express any comments on the slogans. Later, Erdoğan stated that "Any democratic demand is welcome."
In Adana, it is stated that police officer Mustafa Sarı lost his life by falling down from a bridge while chasing protesters. Clashes continued in Ankara, İzmir and Hatay. Taksim and Beşiktaş was peaceful for the whole day.
It is being claimed that the civil police forces are responsible for the demise of the university student Ali İsmail. (Radikal)
Mustafa Toprak's (Mayor of İzmir) statement related with the arrested civilians for their Twitter shares: "There is nothing wrong with messaging via social media. That being said, there are also criminal discourses calling for violence. Such things must be examined carefully." (Radikal)
Başak Özçelik (21) shared her photos with the claims of police instituted violence in İzmir, Turkey. (t24)
Police officer Mustafa Sarı has lost his life by falling off from a bridge in the clashes with protesters in Adana, Turkey. (Radikal)
Due to exhaustive clashes that is going on for 10 days, 1500 police officers expressed their complaints in their Facebook group page "Polis Memurları Dayanışma Grubu" (Police Officers Solidarity Group). They stated that they have been sleeping on the ground for 5 days. (t24)
Protesters in enquiry are being questioned as follows: "Why did you attend to the protests performed to overthrow the current government?" (t24)
Sleeping protestors. (The Atlantic)
Protesters in Taksim, İstanbul watching the arrival of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Government supporters marching to the airport for greeting Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan repeated that they are going to build the artillery barracks no matter what.
Library built by protesters in Adana.
Kayseri, Turkey.
"Let's just for once you do not get what you want, we couldn't get anything we asked for years... Calm down bro..."
In the world
Berlin, Germany.
London, England.