Day 4
May 30, 2013
Around 05:00 in the morning, police forces raided the park with tear gas and started burning protester's tents without a warning. Consequently, construction vehicles proceeded to the area. The parliamenter Sırrı Süreyya Önder stood against the bulldozers and stopped the construction. This attitude of the police forces was the breaking point of the protest, which excessively increased the number of the protesters. To stop the attendance, The Mayor of Istanbul temporarily closed down the Taksim subway. Around 18:00 water cannons and panzers arrived to the area to disperse the crowd, which eventually caused many injuries.
Police forces raid and start to burn the tents of the protesters.
Protesters running away from the smokes.
Police attacks against the crowd using tear gas. The woman in red becomes the icon of the movement.
No matter what you do, we gave our final decision.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
A snapshot of the police force using tear gas and water cannon against the protesters.
Protesters resting in front of police line.